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Queen Cobra (joint effort)
AH now this one I really love, this has a bit of a story behind it as well. Basicly I commissioned blackheart (reddyheart) to do Queen Cobra but he unfortunatly only had time for sketches.
After a while I decided to ask lon40 to finish the sketch with blessings of blackheart ofcourse.

And now here it is and it came out GREAT! I'd say delicious even xD Well I hope you guys enjoy as much as I do

Sketch by

Inking & colors & shading by :iconlonzo1:

Queen Cobra (c) me
Product placement : Titanton
As you turn on the TV to watch your favorite show a new commercial pops into screen, you see gigantic massive muscles flexing and bulging. Monsterous veins popping and the sexy face of Sara Paradox Titan come into screen, she is lifting a monsterous mega weight as she tenses her whole body before speaking : "Tired of lacking the weights you need to get ripped beyond belief? Need to get something that can start the burn in you unlike anything else? And tired of having to buy whole gyms worth of weights just to satisfy your unlimited desires?" She grins broadly and raises the weight with the words TITANTON on it. "Then you need to get yourself a TITANTON! The weight that grows with you, ensuring your always getting the biggest heaviest and meaniest weight you need!" She flexes her other bicep hard making the monsterous muscle tower upwards high and past her head. "Call now at 6868-TITAN or visit our website to get your titan on WITH TITANTON!"

You take a moment to rub your eyes at what you just saw and turn the TV off, slowly looking to where your phone is or computer ... wondering if you should get a call in.

Really love this piece and thinking of making this a series so tell me if you guys like it!

Character (c) me

Awsome art by
Tools of the demon hunter

Every demon hunter knows that a human can never match the brutal power of demons and eldritch horrors alike. Physical training and experience certainly don't hurt, but for the true hunters its all about the weapons. Weapons that earned fame throughout the ages for slaying demons of all sorts. Wielded by dark heroe's hidden from the public, yet striking terror in those whom prey on the souls of the living.
It was around the 1700's a pair of demons showed that were truely terrifying, Nifroth and Sherath, the couple of chaos they were called. Two demons whom praised their love by the slaughter of humans, for a hundred years they would terrorize europe until in 1800 they went a bit to far.

Taking the life of a great demon hunter his son and daughter began a vendetta against the demons. Hunting them relentlessly but not intend on killing them but making them suffer for all eternity. The secret behind demon hunter weapons is that their possesed by great demons.
The brother and sister had planned to turn these two into a pair of powerfull weapons, and though they managed to bring them down and transform them into the weapons Black Gold (sword formerly Nifroth) and Gold Black (revolver formerly Sherath) there was a slight issue....

The demons vile will and terrifying power meant the weapons were of a massive size and packed a tremendous power. No mere human could wield these possessed weapons so they were locked away by the family, left to rot in their own insanity of having no true body anymore.
Until the year of 2001 when Volunt finnaly appeared, a human merged with a demon. Found by the grand children of this old family of demon hunters she was transformed into a weapon of war.
As the family's father in 1700 once said : "The only way to kill a monster is to use an even more terrifying monster."

Volunt her massive size of nine feet enabled her to wield the sword and revolver at the same time, using blood of slain demons to substain herself and her weapons.
The blade tends to burn anything it touches with hell fire, and can even send out massive waves of fire when swung correctly.
The revolver is chamber to house a .50 cal BMJ round with a total mag size of eight. These rounds on their own are enough to rip limbs clean of even demon lords. However due to the possed nature the revolver can charge shots with unique effects.
Volunt prefers to use it's purgatory blast the most, which makes the round explode when it leaves the chamber into a massive pellet storm of shrapnel and fire.

Were it not for Volunt's already rather unhinged nature the mad curses and vile shouting from the weapons would likely drive her insane. Still she wields these weapons happily, knowing they give her the means to truely exact her own vengeance on demon kind.

This awsome image is another beautifull piece I so love how she looks! And them weapons!

Character © me

Art by
The demon hunter Volunt
Demons run in terror at the sight of her shadow, snarl and hiss at the sound of her muscles flexing and pray to a higher power when facing off against her. Volunt the demon hunter, beauty, power, massive absolutely EVERYTHING.
Part human part demon all powerfull and according to most demons all sadistic, she substains herself on the blood of the slain demons and the money made in the process.
If she isn't introducing demons to a new kind of hell she is either enjoying life, working out or hanging with her boyfriend/best friend Ardorax.
Many wonder why the most frightining demon hunter to demon kind could ever fall for another demon, all they have to do is ask her really as she says : "I got a soft spot for big hunks."

I absolutely love this image man this came out GREAT!

Character © me

Awsome image by


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Jack Hunter
Artist | Student | Literature
Hey you lot I am Jack Hunter.

I have a thing for muscle heroes tech warmechs and all things awsome.
I am not an artist of pencil and all that but I like to think I am above a joke of a writer so yeah , art on my page will be of others and storys will mostly be off me!

Oh and I am an rper but I keep a close eye on who I rp with , I am also very active on FA check my page here :…
Its like .... I can't breath through my nose ... sore throat ... aching muscles ... headache ... a nice mix of sicknesses that is just awfull!

Oh did I mention the atomic sneezing? Like man ... eeeewww


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